Education Sessions

48 educational sessions are waiting for you! Whether you want to master Annual Gifts, Career Development, Communications/Social Media, Major Gifts/Prospect Development, Planned Giving, Special Events & Marketing or learn about Trends in Philanthropy or all of the above, Planet Philanthropy 2019 has something for you.

*Tracks, sessions, and speakers subject to change.

Annual Giving

Do the Do's and Don't Do the Don'ts:

Speaker: Christine Wright

The Fundraiser's Game of Life:

The Fundraiser’s Game of Life: Every organization has a life cycle. This presentation will explain
best practices of the fundraiser’s Manager/ Technician role changes with the game of
organizational life cycle, how the fundraiser can adapt, pitfalls to look out for and different
fundraising techniques depending on life cycle scenarios for annual giving campaigns.

Speaker: Mary Lee Walker

The Power of Recurring Donations - Learn How to Make Money in Your Sleep:

Donors have changed. They have a new set of expectations. They’re looking for new ways to engage with the causes they support. They want customization, not a generalization. Sincere gratitude, not presumed formalities. Above all, they want to help create change, not just throw their dollars at the idea of it. In the old world (let’s call it Transactional Philanthropy) it was all about securing the donation. Acquiring new donors, searching for the right heartstring to pull, shaking them down for a gift — any gift. But in this new era, it’s all about the donor relationship. More and more donors are rejecting the transactional fundraising approach in search of genuine causes and giving opportunities that they can truly rally behind. Focusing on relationships requires a new way of thinking. Rather than placing focus on the “donation” or the “transaction,” organizations offering Recurring Giving programs live and die by their ability to focus on the donor experience. The formula for success lies in delivering multi-channel feedback and gratification (that conditions and reinforces altruistic giving behavior). This is exactly what makes the idea of transparent, Recurring Giving programs so awesome, the ability to make donors feel like their contributions are directly moving the needle. It’s important to note that shifting to a recurring donation offering isn’t just good for donors. The recurring model is exploding in all consumer markets for its ability to create predictable, recurring revenue streams – ultimately, what we are all seeking. Learn more about how to launch OR transform your Recurring Giving Program and how to grow it to the point that your organization is making money — while you sleep!

Speaker: Miraj Patel

Integrating Channels for Optimized Results in Your Annual Fund

Receive valuable tips on integrating mail, digital and the phone along with using predictive modeling and tried and true creative strategies to boost your annual fund results. Case histories of successful integration of multiple channels in successful annual fund programs, along with a checklist for their own use.

Speaker: Dennis Meyer, CFRE

Co-Presenter: Bonnie Meyer, CFRE

Effective Storytelling How to Build A Compelling Narrative

From design tips based on heat maps to effectively building the story, this presentation will provide practical steps for attendees to improve their story telling elements of their campaigns. This session will also feature a hands on small group approach to put into action the tips presented.

Speaker: Scott Robertson

From Discovery to Stewardship Calls - Make Every Call Count:

We know that our best donors have already given to us. Learn how to be relentless in your relationship-building with your top and mid-level donors by focusing on key stewardship moves, invitations, and involving your board to improve retention and overall giving.

Speaker: Mandy Cloninger

Career Development

Deal With Implicit Bias At Your Nonprofit: Don't Just Check Off A Box For Board Diversity:

Most nonprofit organizations know when their board of directors lacks diversity. Yet we tend to treat the issue like a box we have to check off. If the board is predominantly Caucasian, we may exhibit this behavior: “We’ve recruited one person of color for the board. Phew! We’re done!” Or, if we have a board of directors on which every person is over the age of 65, we pat ourselves on the back for finding a board member to join who is in their 40s. Nonprofits must do better than this. To truly change the makeup of an organization’s board, staff, donors, and community supporters, intentional action must be taken. That action must start with leadership. This session will cover how nonprofit organizations can begin to recognize the implicit bias that exists in their daily operations, whether that bias is centered around race, age, gender, physical ability, or any other type of character that is relevant to our nonprofits and the populations that we serve. Join this session to learn how to make your nonprofit organization a better place for everyone who works there, volunteers, or receives services.

Speaker: Tracy Vanderneck, CFRE

To Make A Difference In The World You Must First Make A Difference In Yourself:

Join the fun as you learn to self-coach as you become your best self. This will be a highly interactive session where you will learn how to change your thoughts to get the results you want at work and in your personal life. Participants will have the tools to help guide their personal journey to becoming their best and most productive self.

Speaker: Nancy Beard, CFRE

How To Use Self-Awareness To Be A More Effective Fundraiser:

Development professionals attending this session will learn how to use self-awareness as a personal and professional asset. This program will provide attendees with how-to action items for recognizing personality differences, communicating effectively, and strengthening relationships. Expect presenter Hardy Smith to utilize personal stories, humor, motivation, a dose of tough love and audience engagement to reinforce key learning objectives.

Speaker: Hardy Smith

Is Your Help Actually Helping?:

Presented at TEDx, Danielle Flood shares the challenges that nonprofits face when trying to make a lasting difference in the lives of those they serve. This short, motivational talk will encourage nonprofits to keep the dignity, sustainability, and self-sufficiency of those they serve in mind as they work to make the world a better place.

Speaker: Danielle Flood

How to Fix Your Productivity to Amp Up Your Fundraising Result:

Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a fast-paced session filled with tips (hacks) for fundraisers, executive directors, and boards to raise more money, by working smarter, not harder. This presentation focuses on improving both the fundraiser (via personal productivity hacks — managing time, email, meetings, etc.) and the fundraising (via planning, discovery, cultivation, solicitation & stewardship hacks).
Take Aways from this Workshop: 1) Discover the challenges to personal productivity in a nonprofit fundraising role; 2) Learn 30+ hacks that you can use to improve your personal productivity; 3) Take away samples and templates that will allow you to put many of these ideas into action right away.

Speaker: Chad Barger

Communications & Social Media

Using Instagram to Amplify Your Cause and Build an Engaged Community:

Instagram has reached 1 billion users, with over 400 million people using their new feature, Instagram Stories, each day. Whether your nonprofit is large or small, we will show you how to create your nonprofit Instagram strategy for maximum success and use this fast-growing social network to raise awareness about your impact and to connect with your supporters online. Join Julia Campbell, a nonprofit marketing strategist who has successfully helped dozens of nonprofits use Instagram in their nonprofit marketing and online fundraising efforts, and learn how to set up and start using Instagram for your nonprofit. Instagram is growing rapidly, with one-third of online adults reporting that the use Instagram! Instagram use among small and mid-size nonprofits is increasing, but very few set up and start using their accounts properly right out of the gate. You will leave with lots of ideas and tactical action steps for setting up your account and getting started on Instagram, the right way!
Take Aways from this Workshop: How to improve and optimize your nonprofit Instagram profile to make it easier for your supporters to find and follow you How to get more followers on Instagram How to write an Instagram post that drives people to take an action How to promote your nonprofit’s fundraising message using quality posts, including photos, captions, and videos How to use video on Instagram How to increase your exposure and your followers with a targeted hashtag strategy How to use Instagram’s new Stories feature to showcase your mission and impact A review of some free and low-cost tools that nonprofits can use to create great visuals and graphics to post on Instagram

Speaker: Julia Campbell & Josh Hirsch

Cultivating Targeted Relationships Through Social Media:

Social Media Marketing should be kept in the context of all marketing activities to ensure compounding results and translate to delighting advocates and partners. It’s all about relationships. This practical workshop will focus on how to develop those relationships with a tribe following through a simple Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight smarketing (marketing and sales) funnel with tangible and actionable recommendations for strategy, objectives, and tactics.

Speaker: Shannon Caldwell

Digital Lessons from 100 Nonprofits:

We donated to, signed up for email, followed on social, and otherwise engaged and researched 100 nonprofits. Come to this session to see the state of the industry, where we’re succeeding, where we’re failing, and what we can do about it. What do the most effective, fastest growing nonprofits do that you can take back to your office and model immediately?

Speaker: Eric Pratum

How to Spread Ideas with Storytelling: Getting People from Passive to Passionate

Storytelling is the fuel in the fundraising engine of the modern nonprofit. Great storytelling does more than communicate a message; it gets at the heart of how humans process information. Popular stories and narratives play a large role in how we see the world. Mission-driven strategic storytelling has the potential to change hearts and minds around complex, difficult issues, as well as to ignite passionate supporters around a shared purpose. All nonprofit professionals and volunteers need to start thinking of themselves as storytellers if they want to move supporters from passive participants to passionate advocates. In this talk, digital storytelling expert Julia Campbell will share some of most powerful ways that storytelling can be used throughout the donor journey to inspire people to take action. Josh Hirsch of Susan G. Komen Florida will share actionable strategies for creating video on a shoestring budget and sharing stories on digital channels.

Speaker: Julia Campbell
Co-Presenter: Josh Hirsch

How to Use Email and Social Media to Create an Exceptional First-Time Donor Experience:

Nonprofits are doing a terrible job at keeping donors in the fold. According to the 2018 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report, on average, every 100 donors gained in 2017 was offset by 99 lost donors through attrition. First-time donor cultivation seems to be a huge missed opportunity for nonprofits. But the good news is, we can do something about it. In this session, nonprofits will learn specific digital strategies to create a great experience for first-time donors, using email campaigns, social media storytelling, and video. They will walk away with their own First-Time Donor Welcome Plan and lots of ideas that they can execute immediately, on a shoestring budget. Learning objectives: What first-time donors really want from you, and why they don’t give again How to use email campaigns to build a relationship right off the bat How to use social media to give first-time donors the information they want How to use video to deepen relationships with first-time donors Materials First-Time Donor Welcome Plan New Donor Checklist

Speaker: Julia Campbell
Co-presenter: Josh Hirsch

Killer Digital Media

Come to this session and get the keys to killer paid search, Google Ad Grants, Facebook ads, and more. See how your organization can quickly and easily develop an intelligent funnel with no new technology and leverage that funnel into driving leads, converting those leads to donors, getting a second gift, and then moving those donors toward recurring giving.

Speaker: Eric Pratum

Major Gifts & Prospect Development

Major Gifts - No Gift is Too Big:

Major gifts are vital to the success of any nonprofit. We will help you learn to implement or fine-tune a successful major gifts program.
Take Aways from this Workshop: Participants will: Understand the importance of major gifts Identify what their organization should consider as a major gift Understand how to identify major donor prospects Learn how to identify the needs of major donors Develop a menu of cultivation steps and activities for their donors/program Learn how to implement or evaluate and enhance a major gift program and the resources need

Speaker: Jeff Jowdy

Not Enough Time in the Day - Practical Tips for Building Relationships

All nonprofit professionals know they must build authentic, donor-centered relationships as part of a sustainable fund development program. Achieving this takes time, effort and focus over the long term. How does this happen in a small- to mid-size organization with 1-2 people responsible for fundraising along with many other hats probably? It is not realistic for any organization to build and maintain long and deep relationships with all of its donors. And not all donors want that kind of engagement with the organization. How do you as the Executive Director, development director, special events coordinator or whatever your title is, identify who and how? Who is indicating an interest in a more significant opportunity to support the vision and how can you provide a value-based relationship on behalf of your organization? Shannon Bowman and Kerry Bartlett will share their practices, insights and habits based on their experiences. Their goal is to unlock the brilliance in the room through different (fun!) tools to ensure everyone’s wisdom is heard!

Speaker: Kerry A. Bartlett

How To Get Your Board to Fundraise:

Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a workshop focused on equipping and motivating your board members to be great fundraisers. You’ll learn how to help them get over their fear of fundraising and develop the fundraising habit. The session includes tools and samples that you can use to start building a fundraising culture within your board.
Take Aways from this Workshop: 1) Discover why board members typically do not assist with fundraising; 2) Learn 5+ strategies for better informing and equipping board members for their fundraising roles; 3) Receive actionable templates and samples to take back to your own shop.

Speaker: Chad Barger

Building a Non-Building Campaign From The Ground Up:

In this session, we will uncover the keys to building a successful campaign when you’re not building a building, your organization has debt, and you need to build an endowment. Anyone of these circumstances is challenging, but imagine you were faced with all three and you were still successful! Join senior consultant Greer Polansky and volunteer leader Bill Mulligan for this interactive, dynamic case statement session.

Speaker: Greer Polansky

Co-Presenter: Bill Mulligan

From Leadership Giving to Major Giving - Creating The Ultimate Experience to Empower Donors

Whether you are new in your role or looking to freshen up your approach, this seminar will combine best practices and new ideas that can help elevate your donor experience and move donors from leadership giving to major gifts. Attendees will come away with the inspiration, confidence, and knowledge to dig in to their existing donors and move them into deeper philanthropic relationships with their organization using a combination of best practices and creating customized donor experiences.

Speaker: Alicia M. Coppley, CFRE

Transitional Questions And The Art of Being Meaningful:

How do you build a meaningful connection with someone you have just met? This session will increase your success rate on your discovery calls by taking a deep dive into those first few conversations where there is an opportunity to go deeper and create a long-lasting connection. We’ll cover the “structure” of a meaningful conversation and we’ll compile a list of amazing transitional questions to appeal to different donor archetypes.

Speaker: Jenny Mitchell

Planned Giving

The "Enhanced" Pledge Arrangement - Accelerated Current Tax Savings From Future Annual Gifts

The presentation will focus on the “reversionary” form of charitable lead trust. This rarely considered planned giving tool is applicable to a large class of donors, namely, annual donors who give at least $10,000/year to charity. For that reason, it is analogous to an annual pledge agreement. However, the “reversionary” CLT provides an accelerated income tax savings benefit to the donor for his or her pledge-like commitments in the future. Unlike traditional CLTs, the “reversionary” CLT is surprisingly SIMPLE to explain, establish and administer. This tool remains timely in 2019 because the historically low monthly IRS 7520 interest rates continue to generate very large accelerated income tax savings.

Speaker: Brad Gornto

Chasing Cash is Crazy - Creativity Counts Crafting Consistently Credible Contributions

Planned giving often concentrates on the arcane mechanics of gifting vehicles while ignoring the motivations of the donor. We take a detailed look at the donor’s point of view; specifically how to identify the donor’s financial and estate planning challenges, and how to address those challenges with planned giving.

Speaker: Richard Alan Lehrman

Planned Giving Programs Matter!:

Each of our nonprofits has passionate supporters that care about our mission. While it’s important to cultivate a donor for annual giving to help our organization meet our budgets each year, it’s even more important to find ways to provide long-term support for the work that we do. There are many tools to assist in these conversations, simple things we can add to our solicitation requests, and information we can provide on our websites that, if done correctly, can help your organization with establishing and/or growing your planned giving program. I’d like to share how easy it is to set up planned giving for your organization and why developing this type of program with you is so critical to your sustainability.

Speaker: Bonnie E. Barnes

6 Feet Under: You're Leaving Money On The Table If You Don't Rattle The Death Cage!:

Speaker: Mandy Cloninger, CFRE

Co-Presenter: Jennifer Moore, CFRE

Grassroots Planned Giving - Turning Your Annuals Into Perennials:

Budda is quoted as saying: “The problem is, you think you have time.” In planned giving, the problem is, you think you DON’T have time. You do! This session reveals how to spend your time wisely to grow your planned giving program exponentially. It’s about “trust” than “trusts”.

Speaker: India Alexis Ehioba, MNA, CFRE

Building A Successful Planned Giving Campaign From An Annual Giving Program:

We will define the current fund development landscape and make the case for building a successful Planned Giving program from the nonprofits Annual Giving donors. Assess and define a Life Time Donor Value Matrix matched to Planned Giving benchmarks as the basis of merging Annual Donor data for Planned Giving segmentation and definition.
Furthermore, SDS will explore building a Legacy, Planned Giving program with Major Gift solicitation expansion with Planned Gifts. Ie; Charitable IRA Rollover, Charitable Gift Annuity, Life Insurance and gifts of appreciated assets.

Finally, SDS will discuss how to communicate a predictable model defined by program sustainability and expansion, revenue and expense expectations, for Planet Philanthropy Attendee donors and executive leadership.

 Speaker: Michael Elias

Special Events & Marketing

The Art of Being Irresistible - How to Make Event Sponsors Fall in Love With You:

We all long to hear those three little words from our sponsors after an event – “I LOVED IT” – but not many events achieve that level of engagement and success. The path to a sponsor love fest starts long before the ballroom doors open and that first glass of champagne is poured. The road to an event that attracts and satisfies sponsors starts on your first day of event planning. This workshop will lead you through the world of sponsor love, from the psychology of initial sponsor engagement through post-event protocols. We will focus on understanding and leveraging corporate giving practices, creating sponsorship decks and materials that appeal to businesses and high-net-worth supporters, and creating genuine long-term relationships with sponsors.
Take Aways from this Workshop: Attendees will gain insight into the decision-making process behind event sponsorships, get a peek at A.J.’s irresistible sponsor deck template, learn strategies for exceptional sponsor engagement, and discover ways to keep the sponsor love flowing well after the event is over.

Speaker: A.J. Steinberg

Auction Makeover - The 3-Year Transformation Of A Gala Fundraiser

The before-and-after financials of this fundraiser are as impressive as any kitchen makeover. In 2015 this Florida school sold 500+ items in its annual fundraiser. In 2018, half as many items sold and it raised $6k MORE. In this interactive Q&A, the Development Director will share changes she made to ease the workload of her volunteer committee, yet increase event profitability. Take Aways from this Workshop: 1) identify greatest weaknesses in existing annual events 2) where to implement changes using new ideas that generate immediate improvement. 3)ideas for handling those who are resistant to new ideas / change

Speaker: Sherry Truhlar

How To Plan, Launch, Run and Wrap-up Successful Online Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns and Events:

Whether it’s associated with a large event — like a walk-a-thon, or it’s year-round — like a tribute campaign, peer-to-peer (p2p) fundraising is all about engaging supporters to raise funds from their own networks on your nonprofit’s behalf. No matter what type of peer-to-peer fundraising campaign your organization embarks upon, you don’t have to go it alone. In this session, a moderated panel of nonprofit professinoals will tell their stories and answer questions about their real-world experiences in planning, launching, running, and wrapping up successful online p2p fundraising campaigns. You’ll walk away with tips, tricks, and techniques for successful p2p fundraising.

Speaker: Mark Becker

10 Mistakes Your Organization is Making On Social Media (and How to Fix Them):

Is your organization investing time (and money) into social media but not seeing results? You could be making some common social media mistakes. In this discussion we will breakdown what many nonprofits are doing wrong on social media, solutions to get your organizations message in front of new potential donors, and ultimately how to inspire people to take action for your cause!

Speaker: Erica Linguanti

Special Events - To Do or Not To Do? That Is The Question!:

Speaker: Lori Ann Whittington

Big 3 Missed Opportunities At A Fundraising Event:

Understandably, most event fundraisers might be drowning under the weight of
increasing attendees, streamlining check-in and checkout, and ensuring an overall smooth run of the show. We get it. This is hard work. But what key initiatives might get lost in the shuffle? How can we capture these after an event?

Speaker: Dianne Kleber

Stewardship & Donor Relations

Is Your Board Bored? How To Spark Engagement For A Happier Board:

Board members are important to us! But are they bored silly?! Are they joyful about their role? Are they scared of fundraising? We can change this! It starts with finding the spark that shifts behavior from passive to active. Learn all of the techniques and strategies to engage board members.
Take Aways from this Workshop: • Learn strategies to engage their board members with fundraising • Stewardship techniques that engage board members and inspire them to become your best ambassadors • Leveraging storytelling as a key component of board engagement • Understand how board members perceive a fundraiser’s role so we can learn how to engage them effectively.Yes

Speaker: Sam Laprade

Getting To The Next Ask:

Learn the importance of relationship management and donor retention to push your fundraising to the next level. Effective donor cultivation and engagement is critical to the success of your nonprofit, and maintaining relationships is the key to success for all aspects of a fundraising program. When donors are properly cultivated and stewarded, this often leads to larger gifts, a propensity to serve in leadership roles, and longer-term relationships. This session will explore the importance of relationship management, tips for engaging in active stewardship and getting to the next ask.
Take Aways from this Workshop: • Tools and tactics for development staff to put into practice for annual fund donors; • Utilizing stewardship as an active fundraising tool to retain and grow donors; • Strategies to carry out in advance of a major fundraising initiative; • Recommendations for senior staff and volunteer leaders to participate in donor stewardship

Speaker: Diana “Dee” Falvo

Co-Presenter: Kathy Rabon

Expressing Gratitude, Communicating Impact, Celebrating Philanthropy:

The 3 sentiments in the title should be your guiding principals when developing your organization’s donor relations and stewardship plan.
Take Aways from this Workshop: Attendees will learn the importance of formalized stewardship plans; learn how such plans can impact the life of a donor; find practical examples of stewardship plans the will bring continuous giving from donors.

Speaker: Jerry F. Smith

Co-Presenter: John Crawford

Relentless Relationship-Building, How A Laser Focus On Stewardship Improves Retention and Overall Giving:

Speaker: Kelly Velasquez-Hague

How To Grow Your Social Donor Base

Speaker: Alyce Lee Stansbury, CFRE

Embrace Your Donors for Greater Success:

Creating fundraising strategies that will raise more money and retain donors requires knowing how many donors you have, who they are, and why they give to your organization. These strategies will include activities to cultivate and steward donors — to involve and embrace donors, helping them fulfill their aspirations – resulting in a sustainable development program that retains current donors while acquiring new donors.

Speaker: Diana Hoyt

How Deep is Your Love?:

Among the myriad of fundraising how-to’s, what are the best ideas to raise more money? Join Alyce Lee and her friends, the Bee Gees, for this groovy session where she shares the BEST ideas for delighting donors, building authentic relationships, and exceeding goal. Bring your boogie shoes and get ready to embrace donor love!

Speaker: Alyce Lee Stansbury, CFRE

Operational Development & Best Practices

I Promise, I Am Willing to Help - How To Effectively Engage Your Board in Fundraising:

“Give or Get” is a common responsibility bestowed on board members, but so often, non-profits do not hold members accountable or fail to provide them with the necessary tools to be effective fundraisers for the organization. From the nominating process to board training to articulating development priorities, this session discusses a proactive approach to creating an energized board that understands and fulfills its role in fundraising.
Take Aways from this Workshop: Learning Objectives -How to recruit effective board members utilizing a board matrix -How to orient board members on their roles and responsibilities. -How to educate board member on organizational priorities and ensure development goals are aligned with them -How to leverage board member relationships and provide them with “quick wins” for your development efforts

Speaker: John Erstling

Fundraising Health Check: Conducting A Development Audit:

Fundraising efforts are constant, so it’s often hard to pause and evaluate your program. But how do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re coming from? In this hands-on, practical workshop, we’ll identify the elements of a development audit, discuss quantitative and qualitative indicators of a healthy fundraising program, and walk through strategies to analyze your own program while still managing your day today.

Speaker: Alice Ferris
Co-Presenter: Jim Anderson

The CEO's Role to Raise More Money Now!:

CEOs, EDs and Board members have a critical role in a successful major gift fundraising program. But what exactly should you be doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to raise more money right now? This session will answer that question and give you the tools to implement right away to lead your fundraising success to a whole new level.

Speaker: India Alexis Ehioba, MNA, CFRE

Boosting Board Morale: How To Engage & Ignite Your Directors:

It can be easy to let your nonprofit board fall to the wayside and become stagnant. But when used correctly, a board can be a valuable asset that brings better exposure to the cause, makes sound decisions for the future and generates effective leadership. This session focuses on strategies and tips for what has and hasn’t worked in dealing with board development. We will explore effective meetings, committee structures, and board roles and responsibilities beyond their legal duties. Nonprofit boards contribute to whether an organization makes it to the next level, so let’s explore how to get everyone on board and moving forward!

Speaker: Barzella Papa

Creating A Leadership Style That Will Make Teams Successful:

Explore your current leadership style, understand your motivations as a manager and gain insights into exploring the best management practices to lead teams to success. Attendees will be challenged to understand if being a leader is the right choice for them, even if they are currently in a leadership role. Second, they will have an understanding of the critical actions, behaviors, and tools required to be a successful manager.

Speaker: Denny Moller

The Art & Science of Effective Gift Acknowledgements:

We all know that thanking donors is important, but how and when should we be thanking donors? How do different approaches to acknowledgments make people feel, and how does that impact future engagement? In this session, we’ll explore the latest research into donor behavior and effective gift acknowledgments, with special attention given to the recent groundbreaking findings of Jen Shang and Adrian Sergeant. You’ll come away with practical takeaways to help you craft thank you’s that are both impactful and memorable!

Speaker: Jay Love

Trends in Philanthropy

The Essentials of Corporate Sponsorship - A New (And Better) Approach:

The landscape of corporate sponsorship has changed, and nonprofits need to change with it to maintain and expand their partnerships and revenue. A key trend in philanthropy beyond traditional CSR is the shift toward achieving the business partner’s objectives… Colleen Lockwood, an instructor with the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at National Leadership Institute, will cover the approach required to achieve higher sponsor revenue in a new way. Focusing on these fundamentals, your nonprofit will better understand and be able to demonstrate brand activation, fulfillment and ensure sponsorship renewal.

Speaker: Colleen Lockwood

Growing Your Board's Culture of Philanthropy:

This interactive workshop shares research & strategies on how nonprofit leaders can increase board engagement in all elements of philanthropy and empower a productive volunteer fundraising team. The session guides development leadership through intentional discussions and methodology on understanding, assessing, addressing and impacting board engagement in the fundraising process. Thought it’s been presented at AFP Planet Philanthropy 2017 (Tampa), AFPPP 2018 (Ft. Lauderdale) and for AFP Polk County it combines proven philanthropy standards for board engagement with current trends in board culture and culture of philanthropy.
Take Aways from this Workshop: Each Participant will receive FREE access to over 15 downloadable Connect For More Resources including the Building Your Culture of Philanthropy presentation, Fundraising Checklist and Sphere of Influence Activity. All activities provided within the workshop will feature directions on how to use with board and staff leadership. Additionally, participants will receive a 50% discount to an online CFRE-accredited course: Fundraising Success – Board Engagement & Empowerment in the Process.

Speaker: Liz Wooten-Reschke

What Keeps You Up At Night: Sector Trends to Watch Out For:

The charitable sector has been caught in a wave of social change, challenging issues, and shifts in funding in recent years. Yet for many organizations, fundraising strategies are business as usual. Don’t keep your head in the sand! What are some of the trends and issues happening now or coming up that may impact you and your organization? We’ll discuss a range of topics like tax reform, ethics, and more.

Speaker: Alice Ferris

Co-Presenter: Jim Anderson

Pitch To Win - How To Inspire Giving:

Get in the game! Opportunities to pitch your organization are popping up everywhere. Whether you have an audience of one or a room crowded with potential donors, you need to be ready to inspire advocates and donors. You’ll learn and practice in this highly interactive workshop.

Speaker: Merle Benny

Gender Equity From the Workforce to Philanthropy:

Inclusivity, diversity, equity and access are terms thrown around a lot. What does it mean for you personally and professionally. Come learn from an expert who lives this daily on how you can understand and utilize strategies to implement for yourself, your organization and your donors resulting in true success.

Speaker: Michael J. Baker, CFRE

Giving Trends:What Happened in 2018?:

Tax laws have changed. Have giving trends also changed? Were giving projections in line with what actually happened in 2018? Let’s analyze the data and find out! In this interactive workshop, we will talk about the effects of tax law reform and fundraising strategies for 2019. Participants will gain insights for developing data-driven fundraising strategies to respond to the effects of tax reform.

Speaker: Michelle Grant

Grant Writing & Research

Preparing Your Nonprofit to Swim With The Sharks:

The competition for grants is fierce. In this workshop, you will learn similarities between preparing for the Shark Tank and preparing your organization for grant seeking. One of the key components to grant-seeking is being grant-ready and ready to compete from a business perspective.

Speaker: Jule Colvin

Co-Presenter: Christine Bond

Research That Correlates:

Speaker: Dr. T. Lucas Adams

Co-Presenter: Dr. B. A. Williams

Storytelling for Grant Writing and Beyond

Statistics and research are great, but stories capture the hearts and memories of panelists. In this fun and interactive workshop, Duggan and Suzanne will share how to infuse storytelling into your grants; how stories build a culture and brand for the organization; how to write a grant that panels will remember and want to support. Together, we will get a good start on a story that you can take and use in your next grant. Hey! Even if you don’t write grants, this workshop will be useful to strengthen your ability to tell good “sticky” stories to connect you to your donors and community.

Speaker: Duggan Cooley
Co-Presenter: Suzanne Ruley

Polishing Your Proposal:

Increase the impact of
your grant narrative by putting a little polish on your proposal. This
workshop includes practical tips on making the most of each
section of a grant proposal and a hands-on wordsmithing session.
The audience will understand the basic elements of a
grants proposal including organizational history, overview, need
statement, program description, outputs and outcomes, and funding
statement. We will provide actionable tips for making each element
more authoritative, concise, and relevant to specific funding
opportunities. Finally, we will invite participants to workshop specific
proposal elements with feedback from peers and presenters.

Speaker: Kelsey Johnson
Co-Presenter: Julie Selvaggi

Creating Compelling Measurable Outcomes - grant writing track not listed on this form

Foundation DO want to fund organizations changing the world. But – facing stacks of grant applications – they’re looking for “diamonds among the coal” with outcomes perfectly aligned with their missions. This session will discuss how to communicate the life change your organization is creating. Take Aways from this Workshop: – What kinds of outcomes will make funders stand up and cheer? – How to measure program effectiveness with limited staff, time, and budget – Who is on the “outs” – outputs vs. outcomes

Speaker: Jan Kerry

Ready, Set, Go! How to Launch Your Grant Program:

A checklist of everything you need BEFORE you
apply for grants and foundation support, with tips for maximizing the
impact of each piece. The Audience will learn best practice tips for how to
prepare their organization to embark on a grants program. Included
are the elements required for basic grant proposals, including grant
prospecting tips, how to evaluate RFPs, necessary supporting
documentation, budgets, smart grant narratives, program design, and outcomes. We will provide examples and suggestions for improving the impact and efficiency of each topic covered.

Speaker: Kelsey Johnson
Co-Presenter: Julie Selvaggi

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