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48 educational sessions are waiting for you! Whether you want to master Annual Gifts, Career Development, Communications/Social Media, Major Gifts/Prospect Development, Planned Giving, Special Events & Marketing or learn about Trends in Philanthropy or all of the above, Planet Philanthropy 2018 has something for you.

*Sessions and speakers subject to change.

Annual Giving

Nuts and Bolts of Membership

The concept of membership in a nonprofit organization is evolving. Eric Combast will discuss how you can use lessons learned from an international organization to build a membership base in a local nonprofit.

Speaker: Eric Combast
Making Your Organization's Strategic Plan The Key To Fundraising Success

The case for fundraising is most effective when it flows directly from an organization’s formal strategic plan. Unfortunately, there is often a disconnect between the two. Using South Florida Museum as an example, participants will learn a step-by-step process that engaged board members and staff in co-creating a strategic direction that ultimately impacted the institutions fundraising success.

Speaker: Burnham “Turk” Lewis
Co-Presenter: Brynne Anne Besio, CEO at South Florida Museum
Lean and Efficient: The NSU Annual Fund Team

This workshopwill expand on NSU’s Annual Fund team going from unengaged and inconsistemt messaging to successful interactive collaboration through technology and other efficient measures.

Speaker: Jason Lyons
Enhancing Annual Giving Through Personal Solicitation: Preparation, Implementation & Stewardship

Introducing personal solicitation into your annual giving campaign increases attainment and sets the stage for major gifts programs and capital campaigns. This workshop provides strategies, tools and case studies to help you introduce this essential phase to your annual campaign.

Speaker: Duncan Tanner, Jr.
The Love/Hate relation of Direct Mail

The workshop encompasses terminology, direct mail 101, segmentation, personalization and all aspects that it takes to execute a successful appeal. Samples of successful appeals will be given out to each attendee to help stimulate ideas, conversation and teaching points.

Speaker: Marc Miller
CEO & Development: Raising More Money Together

Successful fundraising is a team sport. Along with the Board, the CEO and Development Director must work well together to reach fundraising goals. This highly interactive session will provide proven strategies including who does what, how to prevent overlap, and avoid missed opportunities to build a fabulous fundraising team capable of exceeding goal.

Speaker: Alyce Lee Stansbury, CFRE

Career Development

The New Millennium in Performance Management

Introduction to positive inquiry, performance management coaching model that replaces outdated assessment approaches. Effective approach to developing team building and performance management skills while building strong teams.

Speaker: James Mueller
Tick-Tock: Maximizing Your Productivity in an Increasingly Busy Fundraising World

Need more time to perform what you do best? In this fun and engaging session, you will learn actionable strategies designed to end your struggle with the clock and unleash your productivity. It’s a mindset makeover designed to give you a professional edge.

Speaker:Ken Okel
Networking Tips for Introverts

Don’t know what to do or say? Afraid to ask for help? Finding it tough to introduce yourself to strangers? Effective networking is essential to career success. Join us as we share tips.

Speaker: Laura Weinman
Creating a Culture of Accountability

This session will offer practical tools and techniques to create a culture of accountability on teams. Holding accountability is a key leadership skill that saves time, reduces conflict, empowers others, and helps people grow.

Speaker: David Langiulli
Co-presenter: Janice Cunning, Partner, Fundraising Leadership
Solutions Salon

Join a group of fellow nonprofit professionals and fundraisers for a dynamic executive roundtable. In this highly interactive, intimate “thinkubator,” every attendee will not only have the opportunity to introduce his or her work to the group, but more importantly, to identify and meet current fundraising, programmatic, and operational needs. Come prepared to discuss your most pressing challenges, and witness the power of community in action as our seasoned facilitator—who will also lead the keynote luncheon address later the same day—ensures that everyone leaves with his or her needs for resources, contacts, and ideas fulfilled.

Speaker: Darian Rodriguez Heyman

Communications & Social Media

Creating and Capitalizing on Your Brand Through Analytics

Your brand is everything and the public interacts with it every day – through communicating with your employees, on your website, reviewing fundraising materials and even word-of-mouth. Learn to create a clear, consistent brand and how to track through analytics.

Speaker: Andrea (Andi)  Fuentes
Successfully Transforming a Nonprofit Brand

Once your organization has decided to rebrand—as a result of combining two organizations, because of a change in leadership or vision, or just plain old timing—you will need to have the conversation about who you really are as an organization. Rebranding requires a significant up-front investment and strong leadership to drive the process forward while building consensus across the organization. This session will highlight rebranding best practices to help you energize and refocus your organization.

Speaker:Leilani Pearl
The Power of Rebranding: How one nonprofit got their spark back

In 2017 Arc Broward partnered with MadPR to undergo a brand redesign that would make them relevant after 60 years of serving the community. This session will focus on how freshening up your brand breathes new life and energy to your organization and stakeholders.

Speaker: Jessica  Rodriguez
Co-Presenter:Sara Shake, Partner and Co-Founder of MadPR.
Amplify Your Voice Through Social Media

How to engage supporters on the right social media channels, using effective communication strategies to raise more money to sustain your nonprofit’s mission. 

Speaker: John Saundrs
Co-presenter: Rachel Ramjattan, CFRE Senior Program Director, Impact & Sustainability, Network for Good
Digital Moves Management: Using new tools and techniques to attract donor prospects

JAdvances in technology have altered the philanthropic landscape. New, easy-to-use and integrate technologies have made it possible to provide a seamless blend of email marketing, analytics and marketing automation that enable nonprofits to build deeper relationships with prospects based on actions taken on your digital channels.

Speaker: Sam Stern
Communication with Millennial Donors

Learn to speak the Millennial language and work towards goals rather than get frustrated because they seem to operate on a different planet. Understand their value-based communication and behaviors.

Speaker: Sarah  Steele, MBA

Major Gifts & Prospect Development

Major Gift Solicitations: What to Do and What to Avoid

Every successful and sustainable fundraising program relies on major gifts. A process of identification, cultivation, solicitation and then stewardship is required to find—and keep—these leadership donors. This session will teach participants time-tested strategies to grow a robust major gift program while avoiding the pitfalls that lead to failure.

Speaker: Jim Bush, CFRE
Creating a Case for Support

Knowing how much money your organization needs to raise is not enough–a case for support is a must for any campaign. A well-written case is an externally focused document that should be clear, concise, and compelling, and communicates your organization’s role, vision, and what it seeks to achieve.

Speaker:Pearl Shaw, MPA, CFRE
Co-Presenter: Mel Shaw, MAEd Ph.D./Partner
A Winning Major Gifts Program: Putting All the Pieces Together

From theory to practice, this session will cover all of the elements necessary to create a winning major gifts program – including internal systems, organizational processes, and people (development staff, CEO, the board). From rationale and conceptual framework to practical guidance and examples.

Speaker: James Mueller
Keys to Success of the Best

If we merely aim for the industry standards, then our goal is mediocrity. Emulating the average nonprofit, we are destined to live with all the problems the average nonprofit faces. This presentation will present keys to being exceptional in your approach to fundraising with 16 easy keys.

Speaker: Eddie Thompson, Ed.D., FCEP
Need to fund your strategic plan? Capital campaigns - they're not just for buildings anymore.

Developing a strategic plan will not magically grow your nonprofit. You must be able to fund the plan. During this session, we will examine why the capital campaign is such an effective fundraising tool, how to know if your organization is ready, and the key steps you must take.

Speaker: Carol Wick

Planned Giving

Making Planned Giving FUN!

An interactive training from a practitioner who will teach the “how to” of creating or growing a legacy program. Come prepared to have fun and learn that anyone can ask for a legacy gift and that training doesn’t need to be boring.

Speaker:Nancy Beard, CFRE
Planned Giving by Phone? How telephone outreach can have a long-term impact on your planned giving program!

This session will explore current statistics and trends in planned giving and look at new ways to enhance your organization’s planned giving efforts. Discover new techniques for identifying planned giving prospects, soliciting potential donors, and closing the gift over the phone. Learn how to make the ask using the mass communication instruments of mail, e-mail and telephone solicitation. This session will also provide strategy on the selection of donors for a planned giving direct marketing campaign. Most planned giving donors say “they were simply never asked” for a gift. Learn how your organization can avoid this common pitfall and develop a thriving and profitable planned giving marketing and solicitation plan.

Speaker: Anthony Alonso
Women and Planned Giving: How to Engage the Heart, Mind and Purse

How do you start your planned giving conversation with women? This interactive session gives you the answers. Learn successful techniques to quick-start or advance your planned giving when working with women who make or influence the decision to establish the “ultimate gift.”

Speaker: Margaret May Damen, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CAP
Planned Giving Essentials

This workshop will cover the essentials of setting up and stewarding a lanned giving program from the Legacy Society to finding your best prospects. Hit the “Easy Button” for your planned giving plan!

Speaker: Lisa Huertas, MBA, CFRE
How to Add Planned Giving and Blended Gifts to your Fundraising, Easily and Effortlessly

Planned Giving is easier than many people believe. This session will show how anyone can add large gifts to their organizations, whether they work in a one person office or have a staff of 50. Planned Giving is the future of fundraising. Don’t miss out. This session will make it fun and easy to learn.

Speaker: Wayne Olson
Lessons Learned - Real Life Stories - Planned Giving Stewardship & Ethical Situations

10-12 case studies are presented which illustrate the best practices, ethical issues and dilemmas. The presentation is being designed to be engaging, entertaining, humorous, and yet serious about the ways planned giving officers interact with prospective and current donors.

Speaker: Paul Seifert, CFRE

Special Events & Marketing

The Essentials of Corporate Sponsorship - A New Approach

This session will cover the fundamentals to achieve higher sponl revenue in a new way. Be the non-profit that understands and can demonstrate brand activation, fulfillment, and promised ROI. Review of the technical approach req’d with focus on how your non-profit can help their brand.

Speaker: Colleen Lockwood, MBA
Gender Marketing and Fundraising: Boost Revenue Through Better Gender Intelligence

We’ll discuss groundbreaking scientific research on the differences between male and female brains (over 100!) – and state-of-the-art findings on how men and women think, make decisions, buy, and donate. See how to use those differences to generate more and better leads, conversions, and donations. Discover why men vs. women buy and give.

Speaker:Allan Pressel
Strategies For Successful Special Events

Special events are a permanent part of the fundraising landscape, yet most organizations’ struggle when it comes to planning and implementing meaningful events. This workshop reveals strategies and solutions that turn boring, meaningless events into engaging and profitable powerhouses with far-reaching impact.

Speaker: A.J. Steinberg
Event 180°: A different direction for better revenues at small fundraising events

How did 2 small FL events (one jumps from $18k to $75k net; the other transforms from a party to a purpose) revitalize? In this interactive Q&A panel, two Development Directors share critical changes they made. Learn their fears, how they got others to buy into change, & what worked best. 

Speaker: Sherry Truhlar, BAS, CAI, CMPCo-presenter: Jennifer (Tesori) Sartiano, Development Director for SAYS (St. Augustine Youth Services) & JL Bielon, CFRE, Foundation Director for Lions Eye Institute for Transplant & Research.
Looking Good on a Budget - Give Your Small Nonprofit Marketing Flair

Small nonprofits need marketing too! But they don’t always have the budget for it. This session will cover ways to use free or inexpensive attention-grabbing visuals, targeted messaging, and content marketing to make your case. Learn how to make the most of what you have!

Speaker: Tracy Vanderneck, MSM, CFRE
Revitalizing your Special Events

Embrace technology and take your event from average to extraordinary. Learn how to utilize mobile technology to revitalize special events and increase profits from Best Buddies Miami — an organization that has been successfully using mobile technology for years.

Speaker: Dianne Kleber
Co-presenter: Courtney Cheleotis, Manager of Special Event Operations, Best Buddies International (Miami)

Stewardship & Donor Relations

Building Donor Loyalty: Moving Good Fundraising to Great Fundraising

Loyalty, It’s the bottom line aim of donor stewardship. Agencies work hard to fundraise but the real challenge is building a donor base comprised on individuals who trust and commit support through the good times and the not-so-good times. Conscientious donor stewardship moves good fundraising to great fundraising practices.

Speaker: Victoria Finley, CFRE
How to Build a Dynamic Donor Relations Team…The Board!

This session will detail the principles necessary to effectively recruit, train, and work with board members to create a culture of philanthropy for the nonprofit organization that encourages donor relations.

Speaker:Scott Scala, M.Ed.
How to 'Think Up' and Succeed in Fund Raising

Everyone can “think up”, we just have to learn to cultivate that ability. This session will show you how that applies to fund-raising and learn about ways to “think up” big, bold, exciting ideas and time-proven methods of making contacts, cultivating relationships, and closing the deal.

Speaker: Jerry Smith
Co-presenter: John Crawford, Vice President of University Advancement for Valdosta State University
The Trump and Clinton Foundations: Takeaways to help you, your organization and your board avoid ethical quagmires

Addresses impact of perceived and real unethical behavior in nonprofit sector, focusing on the most common ethical dilemmas encountered in fundraising. Will present and discuss the critical need for transparency and accountability and present concrete suggestions for creating an ethical culture within one’s organization will be presented.

Speaker: Roberto Soto-Acosta
Just My Style

As a professional fundraiser you have a varied audience to engage; board members, donors, and staff. Are you asking for a donation, reporting, or training? Improve your effectiveness by understanding the different learning styles and adapt your message to get “everyone” on the same page to realize positive results.

Speaker: Lana Swartzwelder, M.Ed, M.S.
Will You be Mine? Building Donor Loyalty for Life.

The workshop will outline the factors that drive donor retention, discuss how to keep donors committed to an organization and offers suggestions for developing donor value over time.

Speaker: Meredith Feder, CFRE

Trends in Philanthropy

Women in Philanthropy

Women play an integral role investing in philanthropy and deciding which organizations to fund and what causes to get involved with. Gain insights into the latest trends in women’s philanthropy and how you can tailor your approaches to engage and yiled philanthropic $$ for your organization.

Speaker: Michael Baker, CFRE
Co-presenter: Meghan Cummings/Executive Director/The Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Ten Top Nonprofit Trends

This workshop will incorporate insights into the impact of Technology, motives of different generations, the impact of the Tax Reform and Job Acts, Issues in Governance, Leadership and Program challenges.

Speaker:Victor Biggs
Cracking the Code on Corporate Support

Is your non-profit trying to navigate the complex world of corporate sponsorships and support? This session focuses on how sponsorship agreements and grants proposals can work hand-in-hand. Learn about real-world partnerships to energize broad corporate support!

Speaker: John Copeland
Co-presenter: Elaine Cox / Manager, Foundation Relations
The Blended Appeal: A New Normal inMajor Gift Fundraising

After the 2008 stock market decline and the disappointing results which followed, the “Blended Appeal” was developed. Itcombines legacy gift solicitations with major gift solicitations, and leads to more successful fundraising. This is a “How To”presentation.

Speaker: Rob Townes
Philanthropy in 2018: What’s Working and What’s Not

Giving USA finds that Americans gave a record $390 billion in 2016. At the same time, we see little growth in overall giving as a percentage of U.S. GDP. As philanthropy professionals, it’s up to us to move the needle by capitalizing on trends in fundraising. Philanthropy in 2018: What’s Working and What’s Not will explore trends in fundraising today.

Speaker: Tim Winkler, CFRE
Growing Your Board's Culture of Philanthropy

This interactve workshop shares research & strategies on how nonprofit leaders can increase board engagement in all elements of philanthropy and empower a productive volunteer fundraising team. The session guides development leadership through intentional discussions and methodology on understanding, assessing and impacting board engagement in the fundraising process.

Speaker: Liz Wooten-Reschke, MPA

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