Planet Philanthropy Committee

Planet Philanthropy 2021 Chair: Heather Corey, CFRE

Planet Philanthropy 2021 Co-Chair: Josh Hirsch

Education:  Josh Hirsch & Cheryl Pollock

Guest Experience:  Joa Harpster

Marketing & Communications: Maegan Leonard & Richard Lehrman

Sponsorship & Exhibitors: Holly Parrish, Meredith Feder &                                                                                         Lisa Blackwelder

Volunteers:  Barbara Vaske-Norland

Evaluations & CEUs: Lindsay Zimmerman

AFP Collegiate Members Liaison: Terry Knox

Registration/Website: Debbie Levine, CFRE

Planet Philanthropy

These community members spend many hours all year long working to advance the mission of the Planet Philanthropy conference.

A huge thank you to all of our past and current leadership:

Planet Philanthropy Chairs/Co-Chairs:

Orlando 2020 – Melanie Campbell

St. Augustine 2019 – Heather Corey, CFRE

Fort Lauderdale 2018 – Debbie Levine, CFRE and Heather Corey, CFRE

Tampa 2017 – Bryn Warner, CFRE and Debbie Levine, CFRE

Orlando 2016 – Dan Samuels 

Jacksonville 2015 – Josh Zmroczek, CFRE and Dan Samuels

Fort Lauderdale 2014 – Ellen Bristol / John Capurso / Susan Hutcheon

Sarasota 2013 – Jennifer Vigne, CFRE

Orlando 2012 – Lisa Blackwelder and Jennifer Vigne, CFRE

Jacksonville 2011 – Maggie Hightower, CFRE and Lisa Blackwelder

Boca Raton 2010 –  Christine Mally and Maggie Hightower, CFRE

Tampa 2008 – Melody Marrs, CFRE and Jody Huebert Hamm, CFRE

Orlando 2006 – Bernadine Douglas

2004 – Suzanne Hortsman, FAHP and Glenn Tappan, CFRE

1998 – Jon Flint and Jane Egbert, first conference co-chairs of the first conference in 1998



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